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Irvine Welsh grew up in Leith, Scotland. The son of working class parents, he spent his childhood in government housing, a milieu he gave voice to in his hugely popular[…]

Irvine Welsh loves a “nasty volume of sludge,” but in Miami he’s drinking rum.

Irvine Welsh: I’m probably far too Catholic minded when it comes to drink. I’d just drink anything, basically. I kind of like… I think, the older you get, the more you do become quite high minded about things, . I like kind of those… I do like those cocktail now. I think, kind of being, spending a lot of time in Miami makes you more appreciative of that sort of thing. But, I do admit, it’s [IB]. You couldn’t go to a local pub in [IB] and drink exotic cocktail.

You’re just stuck there with beer… If you got around the pub or go to [IB], if you get a good pint, you take it back, because it’s like, you only want horrible kind of gut-rutting sort of poisonous beer, . It doesn’t kind of… I doesn’t work in the surroundings if you got this nice kind of, you get this nice kind of thing that sort of [totally leaves] the taste buds. It’s just got to be nasty volume of sludge.

Well, at Miami, I usually drink rum. I usually have just some rum. Occasionally vodka, but usually it’s a rum based drink. I kind of a… I would have a Mojito occasionally. I wouldn’t kind of… I wouldn’t go for… The problem with cocktails is you could only drink a few then become quite sickly because of all the stuff that’s in them, . So, if you out for a serious drinking session, you maybe start off with a couple of cocktails and then move on to sort of kind of something like vodka and tonic, something that’s a bit less kind of scented and rich.


Recorded on: September 8, 2008