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Edet Belzberg is a documentary filmmaker whose coverage of the life of Romanian street children in the film "Childeren Underground" won her both acclaim and criticism for its depiction of[…]

The media is not correctly covering the Iraq War, but American citizens are also overly passive about the war.

Question: Is the mainstream media properly covering the Iraq War?


Edet Belzburg:  I think there are a lot of restrictions. I think now there’s-- I think that there are a lot of restrictions of covering the war. And I think that, you know, you see ebbs and flows of media coverage of the war. I don’t think it’s enough. I don’t think it’s enough. But I think that we-- it’s not just the media, but we as American citizens have also responsibility. I mean, there’s the idea of war fatigue. You know, and feature films, you know, are failing at the box office because they have to do with the war. Documentaries are failing because they have to do with the war. And the whole idea of war fatigue is really disturbing. The least we can do is continue to absorb the information about what’s happening. I think it’s media and it’s also an individual’s responsibility.


Recorded on:07/16/2008




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