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Edward Osborne Wilson is an American biologist (Myrmecology, a branch of entomology), researcher (sociobiology, biodiversity), theorist (consilience, biophilia), and naturalist (conservationism).  Wilson is known for his career as a scientist,[…]

Wilson discusses the ways that the foundation devotes resources to science education, since only 30 percent of Americans know what biodiversity is.

Topic: The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

E.O. Wilson: It's one of the organizations is designed to promote studies, the protection and the use of biodiversity, which is the variety of life on earth that ranges all the way from our ecosystem, like forests and lakes to the species, all varieties of species, kinds of animals, plants and microorganisms to genes. And this particular organization is now most interested in science education because about 30 percent, perhaps, of Americans know what biodiversity is, even that fraction is very unsure in their hard about why it is important.


Recorded on: 6/19/08