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Edward Tse is Booz & Company’s senior partner and Chairman for Greater China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei). He has over 20 years of management consulting and senior corporate[…]

The 21st century economy will evolve from a U.S.-dominated landscape to a “multiple power” system whose success will hinge on cooperation, not competition.

Question: What makes you optimistic aboutrn the 21st-centuryrneconomy? rnrn

EdwardrnTse:  You know, as China,rnyou know, continues to rise and perhaps India and a few other sort of rnso-calledrnemerging markets I think we’re seeing a redefinition of the global rngeopoliticalrnpicture.  I think you know we willrnevolve more from a you know single superpower to perhaps multiple power,rn maybernnot superpower, but sort of multiple power picture where everybody will rnsee tornwork with everyone else in a more closer manner and I believe thatrnnotwithstanding a lot of discussion about you know protectionism and rnpeople whornare trying to protect this and that and so I believe the world will moverntowards perhaps a more globalized environment where countries will have rnto workrncloser together on a similar agenda. rnI think the U.S. will continue to play a major leadership role inrn manyrnof these major geopolitical issues. rnI will expect countries like China, India, Russia, and of course rnmany ofrnthe western European powers will also play an important role.  I think a large link to others is, yournknow, the growth of the global multinational companies that these rncompanies willrnwork across national borders.  Theyrnwill do businesses you know in various countries and you know in some rncasesrnthey will have to apply the global processes and systems, but in many rncasesrnthey also need to be very local. rnYou know, in places like the U.S. and China and Japan and India rnyou havernto be very local, so that ability to combine the globalness of companiesrn asrnwell as to become very local is going to be a real challenge of the rnleadingrnmultinational companies, but I am very optimistic that you know we’re rngoing tornhave quite a number of these companies who can be very successful, can rnsort ofrndevelop the right model to take advantage of the globalization that rnwe’ll bernseeing over time.