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Ruchir Sharma

Head of Emerging Markets at Morgan Stanley

Ruchir Sharma is head of emerging markets and chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. A longtime columnist, he now contributes frequently to The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Foreign Affairs and other publications. His first book, Breakout Nations, appeared in April 2012 and has since beencredited for accurately foretelling the slowdown in the celebrated “BRIC” economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Ruchir’s next book, THE RISE AND FALL OF NATIONS: Forces of Change in the Post-Crisis World is now available. He lives in New York City. 

Ruchir’s other interests include athletics and a serious commitment to running. Despite his extensive travels, he tries not to miss a single day of training no matter where he is in the world. He regularly trains with his former Olympics coach and competes in sprinting events. In 2011, he represented India in the World Masters Athletic championship in Sacramento. Ruchir also has a keen interest in wildlife and in international cinema and makes it a point to attend major film festivals anytime he can find a moment from his investing, writing and running.