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Fredrik Carlström is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Creative Director of Great Works America, a full-service digital marketing and communications agency that represents a diverse range of clients including[…]

The “ideal” of America has been successfully marketed, says Fredrik Carlstrom.

Topic: The Best Aspects of The United States

Fredrik Carlstrom: I think I fell in love with pop culture, which is kind of what you guys are good at. And you know, I’m sort of an ad man, historically, I think that Americans are so good at marketing. And kind of the idea of America is such a beautiful one. And the framing fathers and what they came up with and the Constitution and their creation of independence. I mean, the foundation for America is great, and I think there’s a lot of things that’ve been screwed up on the way, but the “idea” of America is great, and I think it’s been marketed really well. So I kinda felt I was a sucker for the marketing.


Recorded on: 6/12/08