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Who's in the Video
One of the art world's leading figures, Simon de Pury is renowned for his deep and long-standing knowledge of the global marketplace and his legendary auctioneering style. He generates excitement[…]

What can art learn from science, and vice-versa?

Simon de Pury: I think the new technologies allow artists to use totally new tools. And I mean video art has now been a mainstay of the contemporary art market for the last 20 years. But I think that it’s still very difficult to anticipate what totally new, novel type of artworks will, you know, be introduced into what we know today as . . . And so there will be much wider use of mediums at the disposal of the artists working today or tomorrow. I think there are plenty of people who try to bring scientists and artists together to see, you know, how to create a cross-fertilization between those worlds. There are specific artists whose work overall really focuses on that aspect. One of the most interesting British artists is _________ Tyson. And he is very much plugged into what happens in the scientific world, and his whole work is actually based on that. And that’s an example of the influence of what’s happening in the scientific world or the artistic world. Recorded on: 2/7/08