Sean Scully Looks at Politics in America

Question: How will America change under President Obama?

Scully:    Well America causes gradually demographically moving to the left.  It’s becoming more humane.  This simple Republican slogans – “Spend and grow.  Spend and grow.”  You know drill, drill away the trouble all these and stuff, these dark clichés are not holding up even in middle America which is a bastion of conservatism based on the way America was made during the 19th Century of course.  And I think that America would move towards the true deepening idea of making a society when nobody gets left behind.  This is going to be the big project and we’ve had this before.  We’ve had it with LBJ and so on.  Also, on Civil Rights Act.  But this is now going to be a deepening movement and we are going to be spending more on infrastructure because we have the available workforce, because we had a bad economy and I think it’s the inside of things that will get fixed.  Not the outward appearance of things and I don’t think it’s going to be spectacular in it’s out witness but it’s going to have the lot more integrity to it.  And America is moving towards a kind of maturity and these slides that are sometimes held at Europe like old Europe will be significantly less in currency.

Question: When have you been proud to be an American?

Scully:    I wouldn’t say I was proud to be an American.  I’m proud to be an artist and I love America.  There are many things in America that are great but I don’t like this I’m proud to be an American business.  You know this flag waving business.   I think this is a really bad scene and it is a poisoning the international family of human beings.  I’m proud to be an American.  I’m proud to be Irish.  You should be proud to be a human being and to be able to interacts and have love and consideration for other human beings.  You must sound proud to be a flag. 

Question: Are you an optimist?

Scully:    Well I’m optimistic but that’s the question of nature and also I don’t really see much point in being pessimistic.  If I’m wrong, if things don’t work out, we’re not able to make the world better it will matter, will it because we will be all dead.  So, I do think that as Steven Hawkins says, the next 200 years is going to be very important.  We have to evolved and understanding of ourselves and we have to move away with another reference to the flag from tribalism towards globalism.  We have no choice but we have to manage our planet and we have to manage the planet that surrounds us in our spatial environment because we will colonize space if we are around.

The artist refutes jingoism and says optimism is the only path.

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