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Who's in the Video
Jimmy Conrad is an American soccer defender, who currently plays for the Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer and the United States national team. He is also team captain[…]

Conrad on young American virtuosos at home and abroad.

Question: Whom are you watching?

Jimmy Conrad: Yeah there is a couple of guys, we have got this young forward from New York Nanchosee Altadoor he plays on the Olympic team, plays for our full national team, he is a big guy gone up against him a few times and he is young in his decision making but you can see all the tools are there he is very humble, he is very willing to take advice, he wants to learn and so I think he is definitely a kid to watch, most people on soccer circles do know who he is, so for all those people that may be on the fringes, this is definitely a kid to watch, Freddy Adu is been a guy who has been well documented, he left the league last year to join one of the top clubs in Portugal and I think it is been a great move for him, he hasn’t being a playing a lot, but it is I couldn’t think of anything better, because now he has got to earn it, he is in an environment where they don’t care if he is Freddy or not they see Freddy all the time probably a 20,Freddy Adu's on the team, where they have been stars and now he has going to have to make the adjustment where he is not the number one guy and is not everybody telling him he is the best day in and day out, so he doesn’t have to work, so now I am excited for him I think during the stages of the Olympic qualifying tournament where our boys qualified for the Olympics and I thought he played very- very well, there is another two kids, one’s name Morrisa Due who plays up in Toronto with the Maryland’s who is rookie of the year last year, he is very good, he has got a lot of the tools, I think the guys are dear, we could be running whatever distance and I don’t like the sweats, I will only think that is fair really, but he is a specimen he has got a very good soccer brain, he is another guy who is very humble, he gets it and you know I think very important part of our national team for a long time and then we have a another kid name is Sache Clistone he plays for Chivas and grew up in California, he has got a lot of personality, but that comes out on the field and I think that kind of blend of being technical but also having a little bit of that flair, lends itself through a program very well, because I think there having those kind of kids are few and far between.

Recorded On: 3/24/08