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New York-based architect Lee Mindel received his Master of Architecture from Harvard after obtaining his B.A., Cum Laude with distinction at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for the New[…]

A New Yorker who is a proud Jersey boy.

I consider myself a New Yorker.

I was born in the great state of New Jersey at Fort Amber General Hospital [phonetic], but got out of Highland Park, New Jersey to go boarding school at age 12. I knew that was a bigger and better way.A lot of us from New Jersey have a complex about being from New Jersey, but I have ridden myself of that complex because we all have to come from somewhere and sometimes our some where’s may be seem like nowhere, but that no where gets us to somewhere and it makes us be better. So I am proud to be a Jersey boy.But you are making an assumption that Jersey symbolizes something and I don’t know what that assumption is. Let’s just say that I wanted to make things and be something and try to create things and where I came from had nothing to do with stopping or starting me. I just wanted to do something as driven home by my parents of course. Recorded On: 6/1/07