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Shirley Tilghman is the nineteenth president of Princeton University, and is the first woman to hold the position. Tilghman served on the Princeton faculty for fifteen years before being named[…]

Tilghman says that collectively we should be talking, globally, to improve understanding, to cooperate and collaborate to find common ground. Individually we should be educating ourselves about the issues to being understanding about our differences and come together.

Question: Collectively, what should we be doing?

Transcript: Talking. I think what we need to be doing globally is talking to one another. I think there needs to be a great deal more global understanding. I think that is the only way in which we can get to a place where we understand that we are not going to be able to solve some of these global problems alone, individually as separate countries. We’re going to have to find ways of cooperating, collaborating so that we can see that we’re all in this mess together. So I think that what we are not doing enough of is finding the common ground that will bring us together.