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Dr. Amy Gutmann became the eighth president of the University of Pennsylvania on July 1, 2004. In her inaugural address, Gutmann launched the Penn Compact, her vision for making Penn[…]

A woman president faces all the challenges a man would.

Amy Gutmann:  As a president? Education is not a business. It’s a profession. It’s a calling. But I have to be very savvy as a businesswoman in running an institution who’s budget is 4.4 billion dollars a year, and whose endowment is now over six billion dollars a year. It’s the means to which the end of great education is directed. So I spend a good deal of my time and some of my concern making sure our health system is doing well financially. And I’m happy to say it’s doing fabulously well financially. And I don’t see it as a tradeoff between business and education. To put it very simply, business is a means to pursuing great ends.