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Who's in the Video
Gillian Caldwell is the Executive Director of WITNESS, an international human rights organization that provides training and support to local groups to use video in their human rights advocacy capaigns.[…]

Working against unbeatable odds.

Well I think for all of us who work at Witness and really in the Human Rights Movement more broadly, what most propels us forward are first of all, you know, the passion and commitment of people working at a local level face-to-face with really unbeatable . . . apparently unbeatable odds who remain committed, and who have the courage to do what they do; not just to risk their lives as they so often do, but to get up day after day and do it again notwithstanding those odds. So that’s extremely inspiring. And then I think, of course, if you aren’t winning a little every day; if you don’t see yourself making incremental progress towards that goal, it’s very demoralizing and very difficult to continue. And we do ourselves making progress, and it’s important to remind yourself and to remember to acknowledge progress as it’s happening just as, you know, you dig in deeper to go in further because it’s never enough.

Recorded on: 8/13/07