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Who's in the Video
Gillian Caldwell is the Executive Director of WITNESS, an international human rights organization that provides training and support to local groups to use video in their human rights advocacy capaigns.[…]

We must continue putting pressure on China, says Caldwell.

I mean it’s interesting you mention China because with the hub that we’re planning to launch . . . and we do plan to do something surrounding China and the Olympics. And of course, you know, it’s been interesting to see the ways in which Mia Farrow has managed to really challenge China over its . . . over its, well, engagement in Sudan, vis-a-vie the, you know, the oil and access to those natural resources; and at the same time to block, you know, really serious activity at the UN level, vis-a-vie what’s happening in Darfur. And of course again, you know, to think about China and the very real human rights those people are facing there, and the discrimination they’re facing; and then to look at a situation in which the United States continues to offer China most favored nation status at an economic level; to look at China and think about the climate issue and how China, and India, and the United States really are three of the most important countries at a global level who need to . . . who need to step up and set the standard and set the pace for addressing these issues. I think there is no question that it is incredibly important that we continue to put pressure on China to live up to its obligations with respect to human rights. And then at the same time I think the United States has declining credibility to talk about human rights in the context of the ongoing war on terror, where it is demonstrably abrogating its obligations under various human rights treaties. And even here at home where it needs to do a much better job. So while I think China and the human rights abuses in China are very serious and absolutely require focus and attention, I think also as a citizen of the United States and as a human rights advocate, it’s my obligation and our obligation to convince our government to do better. Recorded on: 8/13/07