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James Hackett was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in December 2003, and Chairman of the Board of the Company in January 2006. Prior to joining the[…]

Not much of substance has been said on either side, says Hackett.

Question: How do you rate each candidate’s energy policy?

Jim Hackett: There is name be actually said anything, intelligent about energy in my view and I obviously take that in to account only vote, but they haven’t had to, it’s obviously stunning to think how little time energy actually gets form anyone. On the democratic side they are saying alternative energy, and Republican side there is not much been said at all. Alternative energy as I mentioned fabulous for 40 years, whatever that is in their minds, by the way I do not even know what it means, because it is a black box right now. It has been for last four years in congress as well. Is that they have got to tell us what alter energy we are talking about. If it is corn based ethanol, I do not know. If it some other forms of biofuel that we can prove up over time and make in to a commercial scale. Great, but don’t tell you can spend unlimited amounts of money and don’t tell you are actually going to stop all the gasoline for being burned in this country. Why you are trying to create that feature. So, I think we have to get these gas much to become, much more articulate about energy for one before the election, totally understandable in the nomination phase. So, we have yet to write to script, if you will, for each of these candidates stand on energy and reason for that is, because other things been able to take presidents over. Everybody is focused on global warming and that is something that everybody wants to take about as you know McKanes engage in doing some cap and trade legislation on in the senate and others want to do same thing.


Question: Does alternative energy need more funding?

Jim Hackett: Absolutely and by the way our energy policy has largely for my lifetime, consists of bureaucrat careers in the Middle East that is our energy policy. It is an embracement that the most, again energy consuming country in the world debates the issue that the energy so seldom, it does it so shallowly. Our energy policy is determined by nanosecond around gasoline prices, so hurricane Katrina hits in 2005, we put on energy policy act at 2005. When gasoline price is retreat the next year, we start reversing, the very same act. Then we go back to gasoline prices drop against, we want to something more. So, all this is about a piece of you and I as citizens that are actually doing something when in fact they are doing very little for the future our children.


Recorded On: 3/24/08