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Jimmy Conrad is an American soccer defender, who currently plays for the Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer and the United States national team. He is also team captain[…]

Spain? Portugal? Holland?

Question: What are your predictions for the 2008 Euro Cup?

Jimmy Conrad; Predictions. Yeah well we could definitely watch Portugal have probably the most talent on the field, they are not doing anything with it, Spain probably falls in to that camp as well, I think the Italians, they got to be the favorites and coming of the world cup, they have good core intact, they are also bringing up some younger players that I think will have an impact. I don’t know who is going to win, I wish England was in just so they could we could see him lose and then they could cry about it for the next big competition, that always fun for me I get a lot a big kick out of that. I am really excited about this competition I wish that I mean we have the gold cup here in the United States and we do that every couple of years, some times back to back years, but it is just a what we expect of a couple of America last, so we have some stuff, we have world cup qualifying starting this year, but in terms of I am just really excited of watching this game, it always creates great match ups and for me personally it is just fun to watch good players play soccer.

Question: Any dark horse candidates?

Jimmy Conrad: There is crazy Russian teams the ones that I can’t pronounce, those are always I can’t pronounce them. Petty sketchy, in terms of you don’t really know, in terms of you don’t really know where they are going to go what they are going to do, lot of the big time teams are unfamiliar with a lot of there players and so that becomes part of there advantage, terms of a dark horse, no I would like to say that maybe Holland will surprise some people and actually do something this year but there are another one of the teams that are so many star players, they have too many chiefs not enough Indians and so I think Spain and I think Spain will be my dark horse this year because people expect them not to win anymore and I think they are going to do it, I think they have some good players. [inaudible] he is just a guy who understands his role and I think that what they have kind of been lacking, they have a few of those guys that are find the balance between their creativity and their work rate and making sure that, they are still doing that, they have the discipline to know what they need to do when they need to do it I suppose of pointing there fingers or throwing up there hands or whatever so, I am going to say Spain, that is a nice round about prediction.


Recorded On: 3/24/08