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Peter J. Schaffer, Attorney at Law devotes his practice to New York State criminal defense and the defense  of all federal criminal matters throughout the United States. From his office[…]

There are always of any vocation, law is no different.

Peter Schaffer:  I mean in every field there are people that are very good at what they do.  In the superstar defense attorney, I mean I’m not sure who that is on any given day, but I mean I would say there are people that are very driven, that are very intelligent for the most part and have ability to convince other people, whether it’s the press, whether it’s jurors, whether it’s other attorneys and whether it’s potential clients, convince them that they believe in what they’re saying.

:  I would hope so.  You know, I don’t know.  I’ve been in front of a lot of capable prosecutors.  You know, I don’t know what a superstar sort of prosecutor would even be.  You hate to think that it really matters that much who’s the defense lawyer and who’s the prosecutor and it probably does, but I think that that would probably depend on the case.  And the prosecution has a very different duty than the defense lawyer.  The defense lawyer has a duty to represent his client under any circumstances and do whatever it takes ethically and legally to prevail.  A prosecutor, whether they’re brand new or whether they’re- been around and are very successful are supposed to see that justice is served.  And if trying to win in some

unethical way or questionable way, it doesn’t matter who the prosecutor is, that’s wrong, so one hopes that they take that part of their oath seriously.