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Dr. Neale Martin is an expert in consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, and bridging the gap between new technologies and markets. As a consultant and executive educator, he has spent the[…]

Neale Martin explains how customer satisfaction explains nothing.

Martin: My name is Neale Martin. My title as I would like to be known, I am an author of “Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore” and I am the founder and CEO of Intellect, a consulting company in Atlanta. The real idea just came from watching my daughter use her cellphone. You know, teenager, you know, on the couch right beside the landline phone and, you know, something occurred to her, she was online and she just, you know, whips her cellphone out and calls a friend. And, you know, the parent in me reacted like all parents do, like, wait a second, that will cost me money, the other one is free, you know, use that one. But then I realized that what she had done, she had done unconsciously, you know, it was a habit. And so, I do a lot of work with communications companies and I always started thinking about that idea, about, you know, what we do unconsciously might explain a lot of the big problems with marketing. So, when I did my PhD in Marketing, it was on customer’s satisfaction. And, I did all this research and I, you know, all is complicated about mathematical modeling and then I did this, you know, large scale analysis of all this research and discovered that customer’s satisfaction tells us almost nothing. So, then, if I know how satisfied you are, I cannot predict what you’re going to do next.