Mo Rocca:What is George W. Bush's legacy?

Mo Rocca writes Bush's epitaph.
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Question: What is George W. Bush’s legacy?

Mo Rocca: I mean you know his epitaph may very well be, “He Went For It.”I mean mind you he went for something completely different than he said he was going to go for.I mean remember . . . Everyone seems to have forgotten the whole decrying of nation building. It’s weird that everyone has just sort of forgot that; that 9/11 would . . . as terrible as it was, would completely . . . that 9/11, as terrible as it was, would completely switch around your philosophical underpinnings. I mean that’s like . . . It doesn’t really make sense. I mean you know so . . . So I wouldn’t go so far as to say that George Bush definitely has a core and knows who he is. I don’t know about that.

Recorded on: 2/14/08