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Mo Rocca

Maurice Alberto (Mo) Rocca is an American writer, comedian, and political satirist, is known for his off-beat news reports,  satirical commentary, and as a former correspondent for The Daily Show[…]

Mo Rocca likes “clearinghouse” news sites.

Question: Where do you get your news?

Mo Rocca: I am terrible about this. I am terrible about this. I will tell you that in the morning, the blunt truth is that I’ll log on and I’ll look at both the and I’ll look at Drudge Report. That’s sort of my high-low, and I’ll use clearinghouse sites like that or Romenesko I guess to kind of just pick and choose. I should really pick up a hard copy more. I still will read the Economist. I like that a lot.

Recorded on: 2/14/08