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Mo Rocca

Maurice Alberto (Mo) Rocca is an American writer, comedian, and political satirist, is known for his off-beat news reports,  satirical commentary, and as a former correspondent for The Daily Show[…]

Depends who you are, Mo Rocca says.

Question: If you were an Iraqi citizen, how would you view America?

Mo Rocca:I think it depends where in Iraq you are. I think that there probably are a lot of Iraqis that appreciate what America has done, but they might appreciate it for reasons that . . . that . . . that make us uncomfortable. I mean they might appreciate it simply because of their own ethnic grievance. They might appreciate it because there are Shiites that are so thrilled, despite all the bloodshed, to see the Sunnis go down. I think there have certainly gotta be Iraqi citizens that are upset – I mean you know namely the ones who have had numerous relatives blown up. Yeah I mean it’s . . . it’s just so overwhelming.

Recorded on: 2/14/08