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Mo Rocca

Maurice Alberto (Mo) Rocca is an American writer, comedian, and political satirist, is known for his off-beat news reports,  satirical commentary, and as a former correspondent for The Daily Show[…]

Washington is a lot slicker now, Mo Rocca says.

Question: How has Washington changed?

Mo Rocca:Well Washington was far less glamorized. I think Washington was very boring and really was kind of sleepy. There was no more boring day to me in Washington than a Sunday because nothing was open. And I think that’s maybe the way it was in a lot of cities. But it was dead at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. I mean downtown when I was growing up was in bad shape. Washington is still . . . Washington is . . . Washington has . . . Washington is a lot slicker now. It’s still one of the most unsexy cities on the planet. No matter how good looking you are, if you’re in Washington you just become less sexy. It’s the opposite of New York. It just kind of leeches the sex appeal out of everything. And so you know Aaron Sorkin did his best, I think, to make it seem sexier than it is, but no. But it certainly has . . . It has decent food now. It has decent shopping. It’s always had great parks and monuments. I mean it’s a city that is essentially about parks and monuments, and I would say that it’s verging on becoming too much of a memorial city now that everything has to have a monument and a memorial. I mean some of the ones . . . Maya Lin’s . . . The Vietnam Memorial is the last really great one, really ballsy, really like . . . I still remember the controversy when it . . . when it appeared at first. And what a remarkable achievement that she could have created a monument revered by both veterans and critics of the war, which are obviously sometimes the same people. But . . . And then they followed it up with the Korean War Memorial, and now the World War II one. And now it’s just becoming too much of a mall of monuments – I mean literally the Mall, but yeah.