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Michael Walzer is one of America's leading political philosophers. He is a professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey and editor of Dissent, a left-wing[…]

Walzer says it hasn’t.

Michael Walzer: I don’t think so, no, because when I read the moral arguments that went on in ancient Greece or in ancient Israel, they don’t seem all that different. I’m not sure this is a realm in which progress--there is certainly nothing like linear progress from ancient times to modern times on any moral issue. There are ups and downs. Sometimes we get it right; sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes we get it wrong for a long time, and then suddenly someone comes along and gets it right. I don’t, I know there are the neurologists who are trying to locate morality in the brain but--and I know nothing about the geography of the brain--but I am doubtful that the arguments are going to change. Recorded on: 2/27/08




We asked our experts where they see the biggest blockers right now for more progress. Essentially, from their various areas of focus, what did they see as the largest impediments to driving progress forward around the world and how they would prioritize the necessary interventions? The answers were appropriately varied from the philosophical to the political to the technological.