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Lisa Randall studies theoretical particle physics and cosmology at Harvard University. Her research connects theoretical insights to puzzles in our current understanding of the properties and interactions of matter. She[…]

A time of short-sighted greed.

Lisa Randall: How do I think . . . I think this age is very likely to be remembered as a time when we made a lot of mistakes in this country. I think we’re . . . You know we went from a position where we were economically riding high, where we were actually liked in the world to . . . I think we made a lot of really big mistakes. And they’re mistakes that can have long term consequences. You know the Supreme Court is going to be . . . going in the directions that it’s been going in for a long time now, and that can have serious implications. So I think we’re going to look back and think what a short-sighted, greedy time this was. Recorded On: 11/2/07