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Professor Schorer is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the start-up acquisition and development of small and mid-sized companies. He focuses on businesses with unique ideas or technologies that are[…]

More attention should be given to bright young people.

Question: What are some big lessons from the start-up world?

Clifford Schorer: Well, I think the biggest thing that —  And it's funny because I was thinking about this today. I think the biggest thing that I've learned is that we should give more responsibility to youth, that the young people have great ideas and if they get caught in a funnel where they have to work their way up the path rather than being celebrated just based upon their ideas and what they're capable of — I would just love to surround myself with lots of bright young people and say, "ll give you the guidance I can but you run with your ideas, because they're probably better, fresher, take more advantage of some of the great technologies in the world," and that's what excites me.

Recorded on: 5/13/08

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