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Who's in the Video
Kevin Rose, 31, is the founder of Revision3, Pownce, and most notably the social-bookmarking website He is formerly the co-host working on TechTV’s popular show The Screen Savers and[…]

The future is bright for the popular Web show.

Rose: Yeah, I mean it’s been a hundred and some episodes and we still have a good time. I mean as you saw with that get together the other night it was just—it’s insane to see that many people still wanting to come out and watch a couple of guys sit on the couch and drink beer and talk about, you know, their favorite geek culture stories. But it’s always a good time and it’s something that we do a couple of times a month and so it doesn’t take up that much time, you know. And Alex and I are, you know, good friends and enjoy—it’s like stuff we would talk about even if the camera wasn’t turned on. So it’s fun.

Recorded on: 6/5/08