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Karen Abbott is a journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller Sin in the Second City, an exploration of the role of brothels in the cultural and political[…]

Legalization would make an unavoidable practice safer.

Karen Abbott: Without having done like tons of research on the current conditions, but you know just talking here and there, I have to think it would be a good idea only because the more you can regulate something, the more I think people are just inherently safer. The women are gonna be practicing this if they can register . . . you know be registered and be tested. And things are above board and they’re not, you know, more inclined to just roam around the streets. And they actually have a place to stay that’s . . . that’s being monitored and that’s recorded. I think that that can only be a good thing. And of course the tax revenue that it would provide would be . . . could help some of these women too. I don’t see how it would . . . it would make a situation any worse than it is today. Recorded On: 1/22/08