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The VJ is surprised that video remixing isn’t more widespread already, but expects that it will become ubiquitous.

Jonny Wilson: Yeah. It’s changed because you can see media so fast, you can go to different parts of the world to experience their media so fast.

And just like the way you make a sample, like where before in the early 90’s you connect yourself to a hard drive and go through them, whereas now [2009] you can be like high. I’d really like lot of jobs really worked on to a lot of remixes per day. It’ll be like specific moments we just want to pull out somewhere and we’ll go to the Internet and find that in 10 minutes and bring that down and be working on it and it just wasn’t possible before.


Jonny Wilson: The future of like the video remix thing is like just becoming like more widespread same way DJing came and then more people doing it. Yes, it simply still surprises me of bringing me these thing so we play clubs and people come up to us and go out never ever have seen anything like that before, which like 7 years into it, I’m quite surprised that.

But who said the Internet reaching away time like we as a… if you are a band, the music industry you have to like release a single then promote the single then talk. And there are those rules like set ways to do it and we never fit into those models and we would always like finding ways around it.

And now the world is like changing to be as perfect for us. It’s like when we did the “Tarantino” thing it was like 40,000 people had watched it like 48 hours that we played it. It’s like… they’re billing it the first time in the Internet and have them like within 48 hours have thousand of people give you their response to it. It’s just like, I don’t know… if that was happening before.

It was a new phenomenon, Twitter being able to see people like you’re doing well because people are Twittering about what you did. Like there was a Twitter about ‘Tarantino” every 8 minutes, that’s how we know it was good.


Jonny Wilson: I have a short attention span. It’s like computer games, MTV… yeah too much coffee.

And the American thing coming to you is all about being like the center of the media, like it’s the home of the global conscious. It’s like… It really is like that. We were in Vietnam 2 years ago and you got to understand like 80% of their population is under 30 because we just killed so many of them but they had B-Boys. They had like kids who love American culture, love American culture and it says like.

That’s the most powerful thing America have.


 Recorded on: June 10, 2009