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As music consumption changes, the traditional record label is going to have to adapt or disappear altogether.

Jonny Wilson: I think that there’s loads of future to music but it’s like, it’s like literally trial and error time right now which is great fun but it’s not fun to be with like huge monopoly. But its fun for like people who are really genuinely interested in that.


Jonny Wilson: I think like watching You Tube and just general like huge mass audience generation. Because there’s a lot of TV is driven by advertising, paid advertising. I think it’s just over time that’s going to shift on to the Internet. And that’s being the model for the past, like 60 years. It’s probably going to be a model for awhile.

And there’s like Nine Inch Nails. It’s like, you did the Trent Reznor to a limited edition version of his album, like, almost free versions of the album and all these different options, the ads like Radiohead did the same. And they came more money than they ever made under record bill. And so it’s really hard, it’s really a waste of time because it’s actually quite possible to run your entire business label, distribution marketing and so on from your living room.


Jonny Wilson: Yeah and like with us, it’s a bit of a sad thing because like we don’t have any trouble with any of the major labels like Motown, give us a studio files from classic Motown and stuff. It’s like… there’s a lot of light music, it’s super important society. People have taken emotional attachment to let’s say, no matter how like big conglomerates have acted.

It’s a bit sad to see some stuff disappear.

Yeah, music industry; its just changing. The big company is going to change. They’re going to be different.

Some companies, like Universal, are being super smart on how they use YouTube, how they promote stuff. They’re making money on the digital side of things . The labels are smart for surviving it. What art is like.


Recorded on: June 10, 2009