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James J. Spanfeller serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of, a leading media Internet company, and as Executive Vice President of Electronic Publishing for Forbes, publisher of Forbes,[…]

The CEO shares some advice on leveraging change.

Question: What is the best advice you have ever received?


Spanfeller:    Change begets opportunity. I’m sure a lot of people have said but the fellow who told me that was Chris Sinclair, at that time he was the marketing director at Newsweek and then I went off to become president of Pepsi and you know, this is going way back to the mid ‘80s that we have some changes in Newsweek which in my tender young years, mid ‘80s, I think I was in Grammar school, okay I was out of college.  You know, I was… you know, my God so-and-so’s leaving, Chris just said, “Change begets opportunity.”  And yeah that’s really been an incredibly important knowledge nugget to have because if you think about it, the velocity of change has not slowed down and in fact has increased radically as we moved through the years.