Jeffrey Sachs on the Power of Solar Energy

Question: Of all the alternative energies under research, what one are you most excited about?

Sachs:    There are many options for the world in energy ahead.  I think if we look out in the not so distant future, solar power is going to be a phenomenal promise especially in the poorest places.  Often, in the tropics, there’s plenty of sunshine and seemingly little else right now in terms of energy availability.  But with advances in concentrated solar thermal power, concentrated solar photovoltaics, there are tremendous, tremendous opportunities.  After all, the deserts of the world, the Sahara, the Atacama, the Mohave, the Gobi could provide enough electricity for vast populous regions of the world and do it in a clean and sustainable way, at least, sustainable for about 5 billion years according to the physicists.  We’d have a good, long-term, clean, safe energy system that could actually be the point of take-off for many of the world’s poorest regions. 

The deserts of the world could provide enough electricity for vast populous regions of the world and do it in a clean and sustainable way—at least until the sun explodes in 5 billion years.

Scientists extend mice lifespan 12% by tweaking telomeres

The team seems to have found a way to extend animal lifespan without genetic modification.

Surprising Science
  • Using specially cultivated embryonic stem cells, scientists generated mice whose cells had extra-long telomeres.
  • Telomeres are stretches of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that help protect the genetic information inside.
  • Lengthening telomeres in embryonic stem cells could pave the way toward slowing aging without genetic modification.
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Men with psychopathic traits are more desirable to women, Canadian researchers say

The results have startling implications about the evolution of psychopathy in humans.

Image source: Lions Gate Films
Sex & Relationships
  • The researchers asked about 50 male university students to participate in a mock dating scenario.
  • Men with more psychopathic traits were seen as significantly more desirable by women who watched videos of the encounters.
  • Psychopathic traits may help men to mimic the qualities women are looking for, but it's a short-term strategy that comes at a cost.
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Protect the religious rights of Muslims. They are your rights, too.

We should care about constitutional rights for all, says lawyer and religious freedom scholar Asma T. Uddin. If they are denied for some, history demonstrates how they may be at risk for us all.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Sponsored by Charles Koch Foundation
  • Islam is being challenged as a religion in America today. Opponents claim it is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology.
  • Lawyer and religious freedom scholar Asma T. Uddin challenges that view and explains why it is a threat to the religious liberty of all Americans, not just Muslims.
  • In U.S. history, Catholics, Jews, and Mormons have all been "denationalized" as Americans and persecuted for their beliefs. This destructive precedent is a threat to all Americans, across all belief systems.
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