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Jean-Pierre Rosso

Mr. Rosso has been Chairman of World Economic Forum USA Inc. since April 2006. Mr. Rosso served as Chairman of CNH Global N.V. from November 1999 until his retirement in[…]

How to navigate the world on real time.

Question: Has technology changed the way you work and live?

Jean-Pierre Rosso: Well, for all the people like me this has been quite a change, and it has the most amazing thing for people of my generation is to changing pace, I mean now it is real time 247 world wide okay, when I started in business I used to send a telex and wait for an answer may be three days later and now of course you read earlier, read if you can, you read a Chinese paper the same morning the same time Chinese read there papers, so and as I said it is real time all the time and that as an unbeleiveable change.

Date Added: 03/19/2008