Is Thomas Friedman Right?

Neelam Deo answers whether the world is flat.

Neelam Deo: Well, I, of course, read his book “The [Earth] is Flat.” And I do think that it is accurate to say that the information technology industry made other countries, particularly the United States, recognized the changes that had taken place in India and recognized the potential. Because, of course, it was for sometime the largest exchange between India and the United States was in the IT industry. And, of course, this is not only because we are on opposite sides of the globe.

So the day and night factor plays very nicely for work in both countries, but also because a fairly large number of Indian origin Americans in Silicon Valley were making their mark. They were part of the innovative ideas that were [germinating] in the Silicon Valley. They were part of the way the connection was made between Bangalore and the Silicon Valley. And so, I think, that maybe the recognition by the United States came as the relationship in ICT expanded. But, I think, that there are lots of other areas in which as well we have very fruitful economic exchanges.

Neelam Deo answers whether the world is flat.

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