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Lead Fugees rapper and sometime guitarist Wyclef Jean was the first member of his group to embark on a solo career, and he proved even more ambitious and eclectic on[…]

Get off your high horse, Wyclef says.

Question: Is Obama really the post-racial candidate?

Wyclef Jean:  I think that when people look at Obama, they have to stop saying, “Okay, it’s a race,” you know what I mean?  Because what happens is when you look at Obama, he’s a man.  So it’s like when you look at someone, you gotta get, you know, past the level.  Like, look at the debates.  He’s an educated man.  He has the gift of speaking to people.  He has the gift of going anywhere around the world and actually being in a room with someone and looking at them in the eyes and having a conversation.  What I love most about Obama -- and this is why you all gotta get past this whole race shit, period, Clef said so.  What I love most about Obama is Obama says, “We gotta get off this high horse that we on and start to deal with things direct.”  And I think to move forward as a race and as people, we have to start doing that.