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Who's in the Video
Esther Dyson does business as EDventure Holdings, the reclaimed name of the company she owned for 20-odd years before selling it to CNET Networks in 2004. In the last few[…]

The web is saturated with video, Dyson says, and a recession will help drain the swamp.

Question: Is investment in Web 2.0 slowing?

Esther Dyson: I don’t know what where to point now it is of I do know that there has been way too much investment in the next new video there is a video that are video answer video whatever web 2.0 is basically is famed that somebody what is an investor to invest in is for an I can tell, and now everybody is claiming that they are actually web 3.0 of I think you are going to see right now there is still in over hang adventure money from last year that the investors are desperate to get invested but then I think your QMC quite to drop of going forward with the current state of the macro economy.

Question: Could a recession be a helpful development?

Esther Dyson: I prefer I much prefer you invested when the markets growing down or is down because then if you make a good investment decision you can do that actively you can put your money in there something and how it make it work, and you faced problems but you are invested at the top of the market the only way you can make a good decision is to avoid investing and so that’s get it you can be smart enough to avoid investing that you can’t do much, and that’s kind of frustrating so I prefer down markets because you can make money but doing active yes missed up markets where you can make money by doing passive our by selling sure which I don’t like to do when you can so sure in private deals anyway its personally I am kind of looking forward to few years, been not I don’t want to sound to globe, because he is going to hard for a lot of people, but I think there is being way too much forth and there is just a lot of I think ignore and over out of mistake and species bus about a lot of things that are really just the last time around I call them body parts they are companies their things that people are creating to be sold to somebody else and now maybe is going to buying them.

Recorded on: 03/21/2008