Is Art Going Green?

Question: Is art going green?

Robin Cembalest:  A lot of it’s going green. Yes, we are seeing, I am preparing the special issue now on ecological art. I did a story on this when I was an young reporter at ARTnews back in the early 90s and people were already planting seeds and the same things I was just talking about cleaning the rivers, but now that shows all over the world. There is so much art being done in global warming, not only the paintings of ice burgs, somebody in Antarctica who is taping the ice burgs melting. I mean there is just so many different responses, there is so many groups collaborative of artist, environmental, science, tech people all working together on the ecology now. We are also doing another story on whether some of the art works that present themselves an environmental, or ecological or in fact using a lot of resources.

Recorded: 1/14/08





Cembalest, on some creative - and green - collaborations.

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