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Peter Frank is the Editor-in-Chief of CondeNet travel site Prior to taking the helm of the Internet counterpart of the elite Conde Nast Traveler, he served as Deputy Editor[…]

Peter Frank names a few of the world’s must-see locations.

Frank: I think what is going to happen this years because of the economy is at that the places where the dollar goes further are going to be the hot places to go central and south America I think are really going to grow in popularity, they are already popular now, Buenos Aires is actually the number 4 destination on our side which is very surprising to me because I think the dollar shed to so far, there on because we so much to offer to thank you for your buck, Ecuador is I think growing a popularity every one knows about the [inaudible] goes but also mainland Ecuador and that has a lot to offer there as jungles there is the mountain high lands where they have these beautiful as the senders that have trended to hotels over him go hacking and fishing and not kind of thing and Panama and Nicaragua a hunderous [phonetic] against sort of the better travel thing but also beautiful beaches and diving and great resorts start to cope up there and again great value for your bucks, so I think we are going to see a lot of people talking about that, I guess that same sure places like Eastern Europe, countries like Macedonia, the former Yugoslavia, and Croatia hugely popular amongst Europeans and Americans have started to discover sort of to the alternative Mediterranean, people who have been to Venice and Portofino and Greece and all those places that are in the Euro zone very expensive and also very familiar, may be looking for something different that is a little less discovered and not of around with Americans and so they are going to places like Croatia and the Turkish coast. Romania which is on the beach but as spiking and scene and certainly at is been history.

Question: What classic travel spots will never go out of style?

Frank: Paris and New York and London, Tokyo, Hawaii, those are all they all have such asset that you can’t take away from now. In Paris as that the beautiful secret magnificent architectures and great food, there are lot of weave right, I mean there is the cushy right. But you got to embrace it, you got to sit at the café and have a cup of coffee and marshal all go buy because it that is what you do in Paris, interestingly enough we did this at list earlier this year, this is hot hit destinations, we put Paris on it because what we are seeing in Paris now is, Paris has always been sort of tract in camper it is the same Museum that the same restaurants since style of food and since style of architecture has been prevalent there for so long that it seems kind of hide bound in lot of ways, but recently those have been changed there, so you are seeing a lot of rays of new designs and new architecture and new styles of restaurants and it is kind of an excitement all of it is that the new president that is so differently , friendly to Americans or there is something going on in Paris that is a I think is very exciting right now.

Question: What are some of the hot hotel trends today?

Frank: Well, I think what is happening what is interesting is they have, like I say about 10 years ago there was the whole boutique hotel thing right, so smaller hotels and that weren’t run by big chains that had click your personalities, had interesting design and you get more personal attention from them because they weren’t 150-200 rooms ever 75 or 50 rooms what is happened is the big corporations have taken that concept and go after, so you are seeing hotels like ’W’ were high has a new thing at on there is which is essentially the same thing as the ‘W’. They have corporatized that idea and commoditized that ideas so took every wrong, there is great hotels but they are not exactly the same kind of individual personality hotels that you saw 10 years ago. So I think what is happening now was at the individual hotel owners are trying to distinguish themselves and in kind of next there ways, so the ’W’ of the world have a very contemporary design and they focus on putting a chart, they focus on big buzzling bars and restaurants would have the scene at lot of locals better and I think that seeing a lot of hotels saying we don’t want and never a design we won’t classic design and the saying, we will be able to put under the great restaurant but will be find dining restaurant and I don’t want be a big bars in the restaurant and sort of return to usually, sort of old school service, so they will have wifi in the room, of course they will want [inaudible] and butler service although have said more personalized experience then you are going to get from a cookie how to but take.

Question: Where are the world’s most romantic travel spots?

Frank: Any travel spot could be romantic if you do it right obviously Paris is an obvious contender and it just a romantic place just to be in and you don’t have any specific places that I will recommend over any other romances one of those terms and really hard to nail down because it can be so many different things so many different people it soft to one person romance is going white water rafting down the real ground and another person romances have troubled resort of over in a glass of white wine but they have your Honey we are next year and all right other people who romances sitting on the beach, so it is hard to really nail on want down with out knowing more about what the persons really like.

Question: What are some “must see” international events

Frank: Yeah, I think it is always fun to do something like signature event like south by south western Austin or Marti gra in New Orleans and Coachella out in California it is a great way to see a place and to meet other people who are seeing that place but it is not a great way necessarily you meet local some times and so and cities are transformed by events like that.  So you are not really necessarily seeing the city at it’s best, it is set of normal phase, so to go to a wind during the love grade I mean great party you place in crazy stuff happening and but you are going to see Berlin every day Berlin and Berlin at it’s best, probably not, traffic in lot of craziness going on, so expense of the unwired going but definitely arrives in that kind of travel, people sort of event oriented trips and have become more popular because I think people are trying to find more trying to drive more reasons for them to for their in the trips in they want to get more out of every thing they do and that is a function not having enough time give you are every day life to not having enough time your everyday life, so you every trip you take you want to get as much out of as you can.

Question: How can travelers determine if a destination is safe?

Frank: What was an easy answer for that and it really comes down to researching as much as you can about that place and then making the decision of your comfortable makings. So for example I want to go to Kenya right now it just the situation is too volatile and it could all end of very peaceful. In the next couple of days we are going to send it to a very violent situation more violence that it is now. That is just my opinion they are probably parts of Kenya there are completely safe in there are probably people going on so far and they are right now having a fantastic time but knowing what I know I wouldn’t go on the other hand I would go to Beirut in a minute. Yes, there is a risk that there is in be a bomb here or an assassination there and can rise and that kind of stuff, it is the middle east, these things happen we look there are 100s of 1000s, 1000s of 1000s of Europeans going to Beirut all the time and they don’t get into any trouble, so one thing you can do and you go to the state department’s website and see what the state department has to say about it destination but also go to some of the other country governments web site, so the British foreign office has similar warnings and the information sheets on every country and they tend to be little bit new more new ones and little bit more detail than the American ones, Australia is also a good resource, so you get a slightly different perspective on things the American state department is it is a political organization, so even their travel information’s it has a slight political tends to it some time.

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