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Dennis Kucinich is a Democratic congressman and presidential also-ran. Kucinich graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1973 with a BA and an MA in speech and communication. He began[…]

How would we view a country that killed 12 million Americans?

Question: If you were an Iraqi, how would you view America?

Dennis Kucinich: How would you view America if a country invaded yours and killed your family; wrecked your home; destroyed your water systems, and electric systems, and schools and mosques? How would you . . . What would you think of that country that did that? I mean we have to get real about the impact of what this administration’s decisions as licensed by a Democratic Senate in 2002 – the impact these decisions have had on the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq have lost at least a million innocent civilians who perished in this war, a war that’s been based on lies. Now since Iraq is one-twelfth the population of the United States, let’s take that million and let’s extrapolate it to the United States. It would be as if we lost 12 million people. How would we feel if a foreign power invaded our country, blew it up, killed 12 million people? Would we like them? Would we ask them to come in and have tea? If we saw Saddam Hussein executed for “killing his own people” – if it was wrong for him to kill his own people, is it right for us to kill his people? I mean we have to regain our moral compass here. So how . . . how should Iraq look at us? Well they sure shouldn’t look at us as liberators because we stayed. And we stayed and went and fought door-to- (48:37) door. And why did we go there from the beginning? Did we go there for liberty? Did we go there for the American flag? Did we go there because we were trying to bring American values to Iraq? Or did we go there for oil? Let’s think about it. How should the people of Iraq look at us? They should look at us from 10,000 miles away.

Recorded on: 10/19/07