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One of the most popular living poets in the United States, Billy Collins was born in New York City in 1941. Collins is the author of nine books of poetry,[…]

First, a nice car, then we think of others.

Question: If you had $100 billion to give away, how would you spend it? 

Billy Collins:    Well I’d get us a 430 Ferrari, and then we would think of others.  Well I don’t know.  You know they say if you gave all the money . . .  If you took all the money in the world . . . like everyone . . . let’s give up all your money, and we put it in a huge pile, and we count up all the money in the world.  And then we count up the number of people in the world, and divide the money that way.  So everybody gets an equal amount o money in the whole world.  That in about six days, the people that had the money would get it back somehow.  And the people who didn’t have it would somehow lose it.  So there’s something about the dream of economic equality that I wouldn’t invest my money in.  Apart from that, I don’t know.