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Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel is an American comedian based in New York City.  Huebel and fellow comedians Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer are writers, actors, and executive producers in the MTV sketch[…]

My Space provided Human Giant with an easy avenue for improv.

Question: What do you blog about?

Rob Huebel: I do have a blog. Well, we became friendly with some of the people over at Tumbler and they sort of turned us on to their sort of blog template, which is a really cool-- basically a lazy man's way to blog. It's just a really cool, easy setup where you can instantly upload, you know, pictures and videos and you can kind of, like, steal and borrow stuff from other people and re-blog it, like, super easy. It's not-- I'm so lazy that I wouldn't just do, like, a text blog where I had to write something funny all the time. I'm just too fucking lazy so this is an easy way to just, like, steal a picture and throw that up there and be, like, that's funny. I didn't even take that picture. But, yeah, the guys at Tumbler sort of came up with this really cool sort of format for blogging and just kind of turned us on to it and it was basically just easy to do so you can just blog a million posts in one day, you know? So it's-- you know, we all have, like, our own individual blogs, which is our name, or and then our website is and we try to, like, what we were trying to do is just sort of post a lot of behind the scene stuff for fans of the show and kind of just tell dumb stories about what we were going through when we were shooting the show and, you know, just sort of fuck with each other a lot.

Question: What do you blog about?

Rob Huebel: Yeah. Well, we used to do it here. We perform a lot at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater and they have one here in New York and they have one in L.A. where Paul and I live and so we started doing this show, Paul and I. Aziz doesn't perform in it. Paul and I do this improvise show about My Space and it's basically just an easy way to, like, just get comedy from people by looking at their My Space pages so what we do is we, you know, we look at the audience and we just ask people who has a My Space page? They come up on stage, a couple people, during the course of the show. Paul interviews them and then me and a group of other guys and Paul, we all just improvise for, like, an hour based off their My Space pages. So we all just-- back up. So we interview these people, take a look at their My Space, figure out, like, what's funny about them and what's different about them and then we just improvise off of that. It's just a really funny show because people that are on My Space and then willing to get on stage and talk about and, like, brag about their page, they're inherently hilarious, whether or not they know it or not because there's just so much dumb crap on people's My Space pages and the audience thinks it's something, like, really personal and that they're getting a sort of look into someone's personal life so it's an easy way to get really personal information and then just be funny with it, you know?




Recorded On: 4/1/08