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Josh Lieb is the former Producer and Show Runner of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His credits include stints as Executive Producer of NewsRadio and The Daily Show with[…]

We are the indulged grandchildren of the Founding Fathers.

Josh Lieb: This isn’t the fall of Rome. I hope it’s not the . . . The historians aren’t going to say, “How could they have been so selfish, so self-serving?” I suspect . . . I suspect we will be seen as selfish. It’s . . . We are so gluttonous in a way. It doesn’t look good, especially, God forbid in a future era where people aren’t . . . can’t take showers every morning, you know? And we’ll be seen as pigs. But I hope not. I hope we . . . we make it so that everyone can have a hot shower every morning, and a good breakfast, and a good school. And then they’ll think of us as proud forebearers. You know I . . . I . . . We . . . I . . . I don’t think they’re going to think of us like we think of the founding fathers of this country as sort of people who really put themselves on the line, and fought, and you know earned these rights, and you know, talked late in the night about big ideas. They’re not gonna think of us like that. You know, and it’s our fault. We’re the . . . We’re the indulgent grand . . . We’re the indulged grandchildren.


Recorded on: 9/4/07