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Arlen Specter was a United States Senator for Pennsylvania who served as the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a senior member of the Appropriations and Veterans Affairs[…]

Islamic fundamentalism isn’t new, but it has certainly grown.

Arlen Specter: Well the problem of Islamic fundamentalism has been with us quite a long time, and it has been growing. And it is come to the fore in recent acts of terrorism which we saw in the Trade Centers at about 1993; saw with the acts of terrorism against our ship; 9/11; and there is a growing sense under the broad category of jihad where the Muslim world feels the necessity to assert itself and its values. They do not like our way of life. They do not like the way we treat women. Women are very different in our society. They do not like the way our women dress and it is an evolving problem stemming largely or significantly from problems in the Mid East.

Recorded on: 7/4/07