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Spencer Wells is a leading population geneticist and director of the Genographic Project from National Geographic and IBM. His fascination with the past has led the scientist, author, and documentary[…]

The National Geographic portal.

Question: How can people access the Genographic Project’s findings?

Spencer Wells: Yeah so how are we telling the story, we have a website, that’s the primary portal of communication for so many people and entities these days., you can go onto the website, find out what it is we’re doing, what the project is all about, you can decide to participate, you can order a kit, swab your own cheek, see how you fit into this growing family tree, become part of this massive database. But that’s primary means of communication, then of course, you know, one of the real benefits of working at National Geographic is we have all these media outlets, so we have the National Geographic channel and we’re making documentaries and we have the magazine and we can tell stories through the magazine and, you know, we have which has a news site so we can, you know, publicize the new scientific findings and then of course there’s the general media and then, you know, the scientific results clearly are published in the peer reviewed scientific literature. But yeah I mean it’s using the media as a means of communication to educate people, so it’s not an ivory tower project at all, it’s a very much a project in the public domain that’s meant to educate people as well as make discoveries.



Recorded on: Mar 22 2008