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Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur known for his philanthropic projects and his taste for adventure. He is the founder and chairman of Virgin Group Ltd., a conglomerate of separately[…]

Richard Branson found conventional school work hopeless.

Richard Branson: Well at an early age, I didn’t know I was dyslexic at the time, but I am dyslexic. And therefore, when I went off to school, I found conventional school work hopeless. IQ tests, I would turn them upside down. And whichever way I turned them I couldn’t make sense of them.

I decided at a very young age that I needed to get out of this environment and carve my own way in life. And fortunately, I felt that I was strongly anti-Vietnam War that was taking place at the time.

I was very keen on the idea of students being able to have a voice, students to be able to try and change the, what I thought, archaic way that we were taught to do things. So I left school at 15 to start a magazine to try to change the world and put the world right.


Recorded on: July 5, 2007.

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