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Who's in the Video
Fritz Haeg works between his art, architecture and design practice Fritz Haeg Studio (though the currently preferred clients are animals), the happenings and gatherings of Sundown Salon (now Sundown Schoolhouse),[…]

How did Haeg come to live there?

Question: How did you come to live in the Geodesic Dome?

Fritz Haeg: Well I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 from New York, and I spent my first year renting a small apartment with small garden and I spent that first year looking for house. I found my [Inaudible] online basically on a website, on a realtors website, but I didn’t necessarily intent to find anything even remotely like that I was looking for a junky fixer up or in the Silver Lake area and basically after year of looking I couldn’t find anything that has just kind of popped up and I think it pretty much change that direction of my work. The house, it doesn’t have any bedrooms, it doesn’t have any closets it’s just continues free flowing space over three floors with the dome on top, in this sub-training area on the lowest level and it feels more institutional that it does really like house. Well, it doesn’t feel like typical home that’s for sure. Immediately as soon as I moved in I started have an events there, because it just I liked to be used in that way having people gather and performances presented in various spaces.


Recorded On: 3/10/08