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Are farmers going to be the next food celebrities?

Question: What food trends are on the horizon?

Adam Platt: On the horizon-- I don’t know but the trends- the big trend for a while has been the whole farm to table green market, the purity of the ingredients. It’s a trend that I called-- I call it oat barnyard. I’ve probably called it that a few too many times but that has been the trend of this decade not just in New York but all over the country but it- I think that’s still that sort of- the primary dining trend. It comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes but if you’re going to look for a trend that’s one that you’ll find running through everything, not that it’s particularly new. It’s just people have- seemed to have discovered it.

Question: Do you foresee farmers becoming celebrities?

Adam Platt: Well, I've heard of that. Supply-- Suppliers ar already-- If you go to Per Se, if you go to some of the fancy restaurants, they will-- on the menu there'll be little sort of poetic descriptions of their perfect suppliers off in the wilds foraging with rough hands for the perfect mushroom or the perfect scallop or-- So suppliers are more and more well-known in the food community.


Recorded: 4/22/08