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Professor Schorer is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the start-up acquisition and development of small and mid-sized companies. He focuses on businesses with unique ideas or technologies that are[…]

Cliff Schorer says great leaders are sensitive to their employees.

Question: How can you measure excellence in leadership?

Clifford Schorer: One could say you measure it by results but I think it goes a lot deeper than that and I would say that to me great business leadership is somebody with a heightened sensitivity to the idea that everyone who works for them really wants to be a success. I've never met anybody in my life who you asked, "Do you want to be a success?" — that said no so if you can spend your life as a leader, encouraging other people and supporting them to become successes, then I think you're a great leader. And if you look at people with those skills that's something they do very, very well and it's not just about rewarding with money. It's a sensitivity to making them better, helping them, supporting them, understanding them, understanding also what they're trying to achieve. If you get that down, then you're — you can be a good — a real good leader.

Recorded on: 5/13/08