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Who's in the Video
Robert Bryce is a Texas-based freelance journalist and the current managing editor of Energy Tribune.  His most recent book,Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence (2008) has been heralded as[…]

Bryce discusses the fallacy of fuel taxes.

Question: What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong?

Robert Bryce: Well, I think a lot of people hold up Europe is saying as an example is the model for the US because they have high motor fuel taxes and high motor fuel taxes would not work in the US. They are most of they are voters oppose them overwhelmingly here in the US and I understand why, motor fuel taxes are regressive and so some people would argue that Europe has taken the right approach I think that the US would be wrong to follow the European model because our cities are more spread out, our country has in far bigger than Europe it is not a model than we can necessarily adopt, so I think the Europeans are forging ahead, they are trying to beat the more things with efficiency that have mandated institution of renewables which I think the mandates are easier to make them they have to follow but they are muddling through I guess which is the best way to say for the Europeans.

Date Recorded: 03/20/2008