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Sara Horowitz founded Working Today - Freelancers Union in 1995 to represent the needs and concerns of the growing independent workforce. In recognition of her efforts to create a self-sustaining[…]

The labor expert reveals her best advice.

Question: What’s the best entrepreneurial advice you’ve ever received?

Sara Horowitz: It’s really funny ‘cause I’d say the quality that I have that I think is essential is being resilient.  But the best advice was… I called up the daughter of this trade union leader that I really admire, named Sidney Homan.  And I said, how did he figure out what to do, you know, he did banks, he did housing, he did this, he did that?  And she said, you know, he would just solve the problems.”  And I got off the phone, I said, solve problems, like, what?  And, you know, maybe that was 10 years ago.  And now, I think, yes, that’s exactly right.  Because that’s where people are telling you what they need so they’re telling you what the agenda is and if you can start figuring out how to solve problems, then you’re adding value.