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Gary I. Wadler, M.D., FACP, FACSM, FACPM, FCP, is an internist with special expertise in the field of drug use in sports.  He is the lead author of the internationally[…]

History has passed them by, says Wadler.

Question: What advice would you give Roger Goodell?

Gary Wadler: Well, baseball, of the professional sports, baseball is- excuse me, football is first in line to begin to address this. Baseball’s caught up quite a bit. I think there’s one key factor is I think I would tell Roger Goodell that he should be proud of their history, but it’s passed them by. And what they need to do is outsource it to an independent, transparent agency, whether it’s USADA or some other one and get out of the business and let the chips fall where they land. Otherwise, we can take individual elements, whether this drug and this frequency of urine and observe. I mean I could take the whole thing apart. And, you know, the code itself is this thick and the documents that go along with the various aspects of the labs and collecting specimens and notification and sanctions and stuff. It’s a very complicated business. I would tell Roger Goodell as I would tell Bud Selig, “Look, you made a valiant effort. It’s passed you by, you know? We recognize you’ve made significant incremental changes. You’ve done things by opening up collective bargaining and grievance. I understand all that. I’m not naïve. I also am not naïve in the belief that unless it’s externalized and it’s gonna be done the way it needs to be done and to rid those sports of drug abuse.”

Recorded on:04/25/2008